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Richard Caldwell interviewing Herff decendents


Kendall County Historical Commission


The Kendall County Historic Commission (KCHC), originally organized in 1962 (as the Kendall County Historical Survey Committee), is charged with leading historic preservation and commemorating historic events and buildings with the Texas Historic Marker program.  Members of the Commission are adults, appointed by the Kendall County Commissioner’s Court for a two-year term.  There are currently 28 members, living throughout the county.  Its mission is to preserve, protect and promote history within the county and to that end shall:

·       Conduct continuing programs of historic marker recommendations and placements in accordance with the Texas State Historic Commission requirements;

·       Make recommendations to the County Commissioners Court for property acquisition, real or personal, which is of historic significance;

·       Accept, whenever feasible, artifacts and other items in the name of either the Kendall County Historical Commission or the County Commissioners;

·       Support the programs of the Texas State Historical Commission; and

·       Encourage the preservation of historical documents and family histories.

In addition, the KCHC leads and directs the activities involved with preserving and commemorating historic events in the county.




Chair - Theda Sueltenfuss


Vice-chair – Carolyn Harz Goodall


Secretary – Suzanne Young

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Tunnel of the Fredericksburg & Northern Railway
August Ebers House / 1860
Ferdinand Hohenberger Farmstead
Stieler Ranch HouseLindendale (now Beck-Kuebel Cemetery)Kretzer Cemetery
Gerfers Cemetery
Kneupper Cemetery
1907 Comfort State Bank Building / 1907-01-01Insall CemeterySisterdale CemeteryHaag CemeteryKrause CemeteryThe beginnings of Kendalia / 1883-00-00Leistikow Cemetery
Treue der UnionThe beginnings of Comfort / 1854-00-00Meyer Hotel ComplexBrownsboro CemeteryJones CemeteryKendalia Community Church / 1886Schmidt Cemetery
Idlewilde Lodge / 1902The beginnings of Waring / 1887-00-00Speak Easy  / 1910-01-05Werner Cemetery
Waring SchoolhousePrassel Ranch CemeteryHerbst-Patton CemeteryStahl-Weidner Cemeteries
The beginnings of Welfare / 1875-00-00Lawhon Cemetery
Welfare School / 1891Magers CemeteryEdge Cemetery
Nicolaus ZinkGuadalupe Post Office - Est 1874 / 1874
Short CemeteryRichter Cemetery
Kreutzberg Cemetery
Wasp Creek Cemetery
Smith Cemetery (sometimes called Bergheim Cemetery)
Dantziger BurialThe beginnings of Bergheim / 1901-00-00
Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig Von HerffLenz  Cemetery
Beseler House / 1903
Cravey CemeteryLudwig von Herrf, Dr. FerdinandBoerne CemeteryThe beginnings of Boerne / 1852-00-00Ranzau (Louis) Cemetery
Boerne Public School - class of 1908 / 1908Boerne Fire DepartmentTelephone Bldg - 1917 / 1917
Stotts Home (Robert E. Lee House)Cascade Cavern
Cole_Hugman CemeteryCharles Cole Cemetery